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With the addition of our full service fabrication shop, we can offer faster turn around time and more reliability on repairs and building of gates.  Repairing gates in the field is difficult and sometimes more costly to the customer. Having the right environment and tools to repair a gate or fence properly is crucial to doing a quality, cost effective job for you, the customer.  Being able to custom design and build gates specifically for your location is also a great benefit - you only have to deal with one vendor instead of multiple contractors to service your property or complete your project. 

Jun 1, 2014


CCTV has rapidly become an essential item for residential as well as commercial properties. However, the cost for a quality, easy to use, reliable system is higher than most people are willing to pay... Until now.  Automatic Gate Engineering has recently become a vendor for an extremely cost effective, reliable, quality system that is very easy to use and easily available to view on any smart phone or tablet as well as a remote PC.  With a line of High Def cameras (2.4MP, 1.4MP) that are less that our competitors analog cameras, it is easy to have the best for less.


Call us today for more information about securing your property with video surveillance to give you peace of mind.

Jul 1, 2014

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