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Access control, simply put, is a way for you to control WHO has access to your property or business, and WHEN they can have access. You may use keypads, prox card readers, rf tags, remotes, and even biometric scanners.  Some systems are stand alone and have limited features, and others require a control panel that will offer a lot more flexibility and functionality.  We can help you make the right decision as to what will best suit you needs.

Keypads such as this can be used by themselves in a simple system, or connected to a control panel for maximum functionality.
Prox readers are required for CARD ACCESS. A person has a Prox Card that is assigned specifically to them and it is programmed to allow them specific access to authorized areas.


UHF Tag Reader:
UHF Tags are used in vehicles to give the driver peace of mind, and a way of accessing a property without having to think about it.
Everyone knows about transmitters. You simply click the button to gain access to your property. Simple and easy to use.
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